Fiscal Dematerialization

The supplier and Carrefour only retain invoices in their electronic format. This means the paper circuit is phased out completely and the electronic invoice is considered as the only legal document. The authenticity and the integrity are guaranteed by the exchange of structured EDI-messages. Dematerialized invoicing flow (100% EDI)

  • The supplier sends an electronic invoice (Edifact) and archives it (the Edifact invoice) for 7 years.
  • The e-invoice (Edifact) is electronically archived for 7 years and automatically processed in the ERP-system of Carrefour Belgium.
4 conditions should be fulfilled by the supplier before the switch to paperless invoicing can be made:
  • Archiving en readability
  • Interchange Contract
  • Testphase 1 (testing via email)
  • Testphase 2 (parallel flow = paper invoice still mandatory)

Here you find the list of all stores and depots of Carrefour Belgium with their addresses and the corresponding GLN-codes.

  • E-Invoicing

Do you want to test you EDI-invoices for possible errors? Our testrobot is at your disposal. Here you can log in. In case you don't have a password yet, please go to the Contact-page, chose Access Testrobot and fill in the form.