The EDI-project, for the collection of invoices and credit notes, was introduced to optimize the quality and speed of registration. The exchange of company information via EDI is an important evolution which Carrefour Belgium wishes to expand together with its Partners-Suppliers. The main objective of EDI is to achieve the ultimate dematerialisation of the paper invoice, with respect for the legal authenticity and the integrity of the data. In this respect, Carrefour Belgium would appreciate your participation in the EDI project, considering that we are convinced that the implementation of EDI will result in mutual benefits and increased efficiency within the invoicing and ordering process.

Carrefour Belgium is an EDI-pioneer:

  • Start EDI-Invoicing in 1998
  • Carrefour receives already 82% of all invoices via EDI
  • 600 suppliers are sending their invoices via EDI
Process your invoices:
  • Faster (Send/receive immediately, immediately processed)
  • Safer (Secured AS2 connection, no type-errors)
  • With more great tracability (electronical and E-mail confirmations)
  • Less expensive: Less paper in a first stage and no more paper in a second stage (= Dematerialization)

Do you have further questions about the EDI-procedures? Take contact with the team “EDI Onboarding” of Carrefour Belgium.

Here you find the list of all stores and depots of Carrefour Belgium with their addresses and the corresponding GLN-codes.

  • E-Invoicing

Do you want to test you EDI-invoices for possible errors? Our testrobot is at your disposal. Here you can log in. In case you don't have a password yet, please go to the Contact-page, chose Access Testrobot and fill in the form.