For every situation there is a specific way to treat it, which means that for every problem there is a solution. These procedures allow you to find an answer to all of your questions and problems.

Invoicing Procedures

Off course there are some exceptions, but in order that everything is passing correctly, we have created procedures which will guide you at solving these exceptions.

Validice Procedures

Also concerning the electronical dispatch advice, Carrefour Belgium created procedures, in order that a quick and correct intervention is possible.



Paper invoice, EDI-invoice,... All documents are sent to different post-office boxes. The next page will show you an overview off all the correct addresses to where the different documents need to be sent.

Here you find the list of all stores and depots of Carrefour Belgium with their addresses and the corresponding GLN-codes.

  • E-Invoicing

Do you want to test you EDI-invoices for possible errors? Our testrobot is at your disposal. Here you can log in. In case you don't have a password yet, please go to the Contact-page, chose Access Testrobot and fill in the form.